Official Tracklist for DeepState album

What’s goody ya’ll?!? We’re only a couple weeks into the debut album “Lead By Example” – the first collaborative effort from myself (Magiver Knowledge) and NJ producer and longtime friend Slater – We are DeepState! This album presented a lot of challenges and pushed creative boundaries in a way that made this project that much more special for us. We hope you enjoy and appreciate the vibes and the message within the music! Please share this post and spread the word about the album!

We also are eager to hear from you! Reach out and let us know your opinion of the project. All criticism is welcomed! I understand music truly is subjective and not everything is for everybody. But personally, during this project specifically, I wanted to be 1000% sure that I was as authentic and true to self as possible. At this stage in my musical journey (also my life journey), this project hit different for several reasons. For example, having children that are old enough to not only listen to my music, but also dissect and understand the actual content, in my eyes, makes an enormous difference in the overall creative process. I wanted to deliver a product with substance; songs that contained lyrics that I did not mind hearing my kids recite – whether in public or in the privacy of our home. I’m proud to say that I’ve accomplished this not only for myself, but for those like me that are looking for something refreshing. Something positive. Something that portrays our people and our culture in a positive light. Something……else.

Lead By Example is now streaming across all DSP platforms and available for purchase here!

Thanks for rockin with us!

– Itz ya boy MK!