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Jekyll N Hyde – New Video Out Now!

Today is International Overdose Awareness Day. Unfortunately, many of us know someone that has either battled and/or passed away as a result of dealing with some sort of drug addiction. Along with a plethora of other consequences, co-dependency and addiction can wreak havoc on relationships and destroy families. For the sake of this post, I...

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LBE Back Cover

Official Tracklist for DeepState album

What’s goody ya’ll?!? We’re only a couple weeks into the debut album “Lead By Example” – the first collaborative effort from myself (Magiver Knowledge) and NJ producer and longtime friend Slater – We are DeepState! This album presented a lot of challenges and pushed creative boundaries in a way that made this project that much...

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Returning Soon – InureSocial – The BlogCast!

The return of InureSocial is coming soon! InureSocial is a BlogCast focusing on social media and digital marketing through the lens of music, arts, and the entertainment industry. Our aim is to deliver value via weekly articles, inspirational stories, the Podcast, dope ass interviews, and of course the music! Along the way I’m sure to...

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Visit Our Store

Happy New Year ya’ll!! If you’re reading this that means we’ve made it through another bout of COVID! Starting to feel like each new variant is similar to a single round of boxing/MMA. Prayers up for continued safety, health, and blessings. With that being said, this year comes with lots of NEW for me. New...

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